Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sand Dollar Mandalas


  1. These are lovely. I must try making a mandala myself sometime soon.
    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog.I have very mixed feelings about returning to my blog or not. I loved the lovely people I 'met' such as yourself, the contacts I made, and seeing your art.
    But ...I don't know if I can keep my blog going. Maybe in time I will go back, maybe...
    My best wishes, take care, and keep on with your wonderful art.

  2. Marilyn,
    I am sad not to be hearing from you on your blog but I totally understand. I have been having the same feelings as well about staying with a blog. I did it as part of a class I took and then it became a discipline I wanted to make myself do: get-up-a-piece-of-art-a-day kind of thing. It was fun and you were my number-one fan with your words of encouragement all of the time. I will miss that, but I too may be taking a sabatical or start a new blog or not. It does extract a time toll (not a bad one) you have a new grandchild after all. But you, you have such a poetic way about you (words and picture) and I love, love,love your pictures of nature. I loved your stories about your family and where it started. What an interesting world you come from. I especially love the picture of you as a child with you magic wand. That was me too when I was a girl--no great pictures though. I loved those magic wands and I really thought they had fairy dust and magic too. You should think of doing a book, I know it would be delightful. Don't hide your talents from the world. You have really touched people's lives as your comments can attest. Take a break, then let us all see your bright and wonderful light again--and I'm tearing up as I say this. My personal email is attached here ( feel free to contact me any time you have the urge. I didn't want to put this on your comments as it is so personal and I don't want to embarrass you in front of your friends--only you and I will probably see this and I hope you do come back to see this. Thank your too for your kind words and I WILL miss you! Signed, Friend Caryn