Friday, June 25, 2010

Find the cat up a tree...

Okay, there is no cat up in the trees. I just wanted to make some pretty trees. A little cat humor...maybe.  But then it did give you the chance to imagine you saw a cat there it is. Hey, is there a cat in there???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still learning how to fly....this course is great...highly recommended!

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Playing with effects

Hot Flower in the Noonday's toooooo hot today and it's only mid June!

I'm so inspired to create today with Kelly Rae Roberts' Class and with the inspiration of all of my lovely classmates but I'm going to have to do it in an ice bath 'cause it isn't even noon yet and the heat and humidity is already oppressive.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Napping is good for the soul and for refreshing the creative juices.

Robbie, "Roberto," "Budda Boy"
Alpha Cat, Loveable and Loving
Leader of the pack with all except his sister, Angel.
Such a character, greeted all guests and insisted
 on sleeping with them even if he had to break the door down!
All who knew him loved him!
Will always be number one in my heart of cat loves.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My love for cats began when I was a young girl.

We always had cats when we were kids starting with Maggie and Jigs. My mother named them after a famous cartoon strip of the time. Mom named all of the cats when we were kids. Next came "Miss Tidy Paws." Sadly we had to give her away as we were sent overseas and were unable to take her with us. It was a sad, sad day in our house. I still can't think about it without feeling a little sick to my stomach. As a result, I am a total bleeding heart for sad animal stories, and Lassie ruined me for all time. I am into animal rescue and adoption but I cannot, cannot listen to one strain of the music which accompanies the animal welfare commericials before I avert my eyes and turn down the sound. They don't know those pics have just the opposite affect they intend for people like me who care for all creatures great and small--except roaches and lately ants. Sorry ants, you were not invited to THIS picnic. Anyway, mom continued to name the cats that somehow always found their way to our house over the years... We lived on an island in the South Pacific for two years and in came "Freddy the Freeloader" -- (a Red Skelton character for those who remember). When we returned home to Williamsburg "Big John" was waiting for us--later two lovely red tabby kittens appeared in our back yard and she  named them Frisky and Fluffy. Mom's final cat was named Eloise after one of our favorite childhood storybook characters.  Eloise lived to be a ripe old age and mom swore she would never have another cat again. Upon reflection, she spent a great deal of time creatively naming the cat personalities that meant so much to us in our growing up years.

The first time I was able to name a cat of my own was after I moved away and got married, but that story will have to wait for another time.

Cats, you've gotta love 'em!

If you love cats or know someone who does, you will soon be able to buy my illustrated "Catty Cards by Caryn" for cat birthdays and other special occasions. What cat doesn't appreciate a lovely Christmas card and a spoonful of tuna--okay, emphasis on the tuna!  I have cards made for tuna cocktails too--just a slight tease for future reference.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are all queens in this family!

Sometimes a little pain causes flashes of inspiration that surpass the initiating incident. Case in point. I created this cartoon when after working my ass off  behind the scenes for a visit of the Queen of England  to our town about three years ago, I was somehow kept from seeing her up close and personal while others who had spent less time on the preparation for her visit were given the opportunity to serve her or meet her. I was fissed--I will not cuss here--but since this is catty, maybe I should say I was hissed!! So, after mucho anger and hurt feelings I took it out on my pencil and paper. Guess what, this brings it all back but I overcame and now I love, love, love this little cartoon cutie pie! But, if I ever get the chance to meet the Queen, I will.  I'm just putting it out there in the Universe-ya never know!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

One of my catty cards, inspired by awaiting calls from a grown child. He was not amused but I think a lot of other mothers would identify! Am I wrong?

I'm taking a GREAT online class from Kelly Rae Roberts! It's just the help I need to take the next steps.

I cannot recommend this class highly enough!  It's only the first week, but I am getting all of the right information I need to progress toward my dream of making my art into a viable business.  I have been fearful. I have procrastinated making the full commitment by researching, researching, researching-- due to the fear factor, the doubts about self and talent we all know.  (For years I have put my toes in the water, but not my whole foot, much less my whole body and soul.)  Kelly is generously leading us through the journey of making an art business viable and hopefully successful. The class is packed with the right information and inspiration. She knows the stumbling blocks we all experience along the way and she coaches us with words of wisdom gained from her experience--and, I think  from her soul.  Thank you so much, Kelly, I feel differently already!!