Sunday, June 6, 2010

My love for cats began when I was a young girl.

We always had cats when we were kids starting with Maggie and Jigs. My mother named them after a famous cartoon strip of the time. Mom named all of the cats when we were kids. Next came "Miss Tidy Paws." Sadly we had to give her away as we were sent overseas and were unable to take her with us. It was a sad, sad day in our house. I still can't think about it without feeling a little sick to my stomach. As a result, I am a total bleeding heart for sad animal stories, and Lassie ruined me for all time. I am into animal rescue and adoption but I cannot, cannot listen to one strain of the music which accompanies the animal welfare commericials before I avert my eyes and turn down the sound. They don't know those pics have just the opposite affect they intend for people like me who care for all creatures great and small--except roaches and lately ants. Sorry ants, you were not invited to THIS picnic. Anyway, mom continued to name the cats that somehow always found their way to our house over the years... We lived on an island in the South Pacific for two years and in came "Freddy the Freeloader" -- (a Red Skelton character for those who remember). When we returned home to Williamsburg "Big John" was waiting for us--later two lovely red tabby kittens appeared in our back yard and she  named them Frisky and Fluffy. Mom's final cat was named Eloise after one of our favorite childhood storybook characters.  Eloise lived to be a ripe old age and mom swore she would never have another cat again. Upon reflection, she spent a great deal of time creatively naming the cat personalities that meant so much to us in our growing up years.

The first time I was able to name a cat of my own was after I moved away and got married, but that story will have to wait for another time.

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