Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm taking a GREAT online class from Kelly Rae Roberts! It's just the help I need to take the next steps.

I cannot recommend this class highly enough!  It's only the first week, but I am getting all of the right information I need to progress toward my dream of making my art into a viable business.  I have been fearful. I have procrastinated making the full commitment by researching, researching, researching-- due to the fear factor, the doubts about self and talent we all know.  (For years I have put my toes in the water, but not my whole foot, much less my whole body and soul.)  Kelly is generously leading us through the journey of making an art business viable and hopefully successful. The class is packed with the right information and inspiration. She knows the stumbling blocks we all experience along the way and she coaches us with words of wisdom gained from her experience--and, I think  from her soul.  Thank you so much, Kelly, I feel differently already!!

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