Sunday, April 29, 2012

May 1st 29 Faces Challenge

It will be fun to begin the second 29 Faces challenge for the month of May. The first one celebrating the month of February was a terrific challenge, I think we all enjoyed. If anyone wants to join, it's open to all. Just create and post a face a day for the month of May. To get the detailed instructions press the 29 Faces button to the right of this post. The challenge really gets the juices going and often times you will find the pressure to perform renders some really outstanding pieces you might never have created otherwise. Have fun with it--if you can't keep up at first or at any time, there's no punishment or embarrassment, just do what you can! I can't wait to get started. See you on May 1st.


  1. Great to have you on board!
    I'm checking links and you are missing you Label. The Label (or tag) is what gathers all the posts of the same kind for the Linky.
    Do you know how to add it? Let me know if you need help.
    Also it helps readers to post if the "captcha verification words" is turned off. I have the "how to" in the Linky page.

  2. Thanks Ayala, I forgot, I think I have it right now. Hope so! This is so much fun, thanks again for hosting this challenge--the first one was a wonderful way to gather like-minded, new friends too.