Sunday, July 11, 2010

My little, sweet Zoe

My sweet little Zoe was saved from a life of continuous unwed motherhood. She was feral and had raised one litter of kittens when I first saw her. Those kittens were caught and taken to homes but no one wanted the mommy (Zoe). I told the guys at work if they could capture her and get her into my cat cage I brought to work, I would keep her. They did.  I immediately took her to the vet for her operation. I had warned the vet's assistant on the phone that Zoe was feral but somehow that was not relayed to those handling her when she arrived. Afterward, her file was  marked with a big red tag to show how dangerous and wild she was.  They don't need that flag any more because the vet pronounced her a very sweet cat (after living with me, of course). She IS the most wonderful creature. We have bonded. She is my daily alarm clock, anxious for her first meal of the day--she used to be so frantic for her breakfast but patiently waits for it now.  She's relaxed so much since the beginning. She still does not like to be picked up but she will put herself in my lap facing forward so she can watch TV along with me every night. She is so very special. If people only knew how wonderful feral cats can become with love and attention...and regular feeding.


  1. How sweet of you, Caryn !
    My Nemo looks just like Zoe except in more orange color. I found Nemo from Toronto Humane Society and he came in with a broken leg and they've done a surgery on him.. and that was quite a divine coincidence because I had broken leg and was healing just about half year before he did. I had to take him cuz he was purring so much =)

  2. Ah, Gorgeous cat! >^.^<
    Thank you for following me. I love your blog and card designs. I am now following you too! :-)
    Best wishes,
    Jo May and Zigsa cat.x