Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two cats having a conversation in the desert...

One cat says to the other, "Have you ever heard of two cats having a conversation in the desert?" The other cat says, "No, of course not!" "Good, then we don't need analysis after all!" ...Badabing. I'm not drunk, I swear. I'm just having a little fun with myself. Perhaps I am the one who needs the therapist! That reminds me--they have just discovered which came first in the chicken or the proverbial  egg conundrum. Did you read it? Well, it turns out that after all this was the (spoiler alert) CHICKEN... but I say, that will be true until they find out it really was the egg. (I've lived a long life, I've seen this kind of thing happen before.)


  1. Interesting !!! The illustration shows the curiosity very well !

  2. Hi, Sung-Hee, I was just being silly last night. I made the drawing a long time ago, uploaded it and I just did a stream of consciousness kind of thing and that's what came out! The mind is a strange thing, isn't it! I visit your regularly and always enjoy your posts!