Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7 -- 29 Faces --Have A Happy Daisy Day

I let the day's events dictate the drawing for today. I was driving (as luck would have it) to the art supply store to pick up a spritzer (for water or paint [not drinks] never tried one before but saw this amazing Dylusion demo on one of my FB friend's page and I wanted one [$5 for 3--haven't tested it yet]). While cruising through the parking lot I was behind a car that had a big daisy on the back with some kind of peppy saying and that was my prompt for today--I knew I had to make a daisy. This, of course, is not  how I thought it would turn out exactly but I've never let that stop me before! It's like writing a novel  without an outline--the ending is  a complete surprise! Hope it makes you happy! Later in that same parking lot I almost literally bumped into a friend (with my car) I hadn't seen in a long time. See, thinking those positive thoughts possibly averts messy crashes while finding old friends whose days you could have ruined if you hadn't--or something like that! ;)


  1. Wonderful blog and great work for the "29." Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  2. What fortuatous events that led to this wonderful piece :D XXX

  3. Adore your daisy. I have learn't over the years never to try and imagine my end result. For what happens after the first line is never as I expected it. I now just go with the flow.